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Nethelpdesk is a commercial help desk software to support people on a small or enterprise network. It is designed for IT departments, network support staff, and IT support companies. it keeps records of user submitted tickets and generate reports using certain criterias. With a powerful Windows interface, a rich web interface and a PDA/Blackberry interface optimized for low bandwidth, it provides an exceptional solution for any organization with support personnel who need access away from the office.

Features Overview:

  Help Desk System:

  • Keep details of users, their requests and problems
  • Track change and installation requests.
  • Log actions taken to deal with requests.
  • Escalate overdue calls.
  • Be informed of significant events and service outages.
  • Log calls via e-mail, web browser or phone/fax.
  • View statistics and SLA compliance details.

  Intelligent Network Diagrams:

  • Show equipment at sites and how it is connected.
  • Store details in a user definable database of information.
  • Cross reference to external documents and web sites.
  • Ping and control network equipment.

  Service Status Reporting:

  • View the operational status of services in real time.
  • Users and support staff can see at a glance, via ‘traffic lights’, the status of backups, virus checkers, network resources, UPS and any other service you define.
  • Integrate to your own service infrastructure and third party monitoring tools and scripts.

  Knowledge Base:

  • Search through resolutions of problems that have become the searchable knowledge base.
  • Set a review schedule to manage the information to ensure validity.

  Change Management:

  • Record what has been changed to solve future problems.
  • Process change requests via a workflow approval cycle.
  • Track Software versions.

  Service Level Agreements:

  • Monitor agreement and set fault response time targets.
  • Produce statistics, reports and export data to spreadsheets.
  • Real Time colour coded SLA Monitor
  • Link equipment to an SLA


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