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BMC Track it is a commercial help desk software for small or enterprise help desk systems. with a powerful asset management and an integrated help desk module, it makes it easier for a help desk manager or administrator to maintain a sound help desk environment.  with track it you can automate asset discovery, and manage software licenses. track it is very easy to setup and maintain.

Some other track it addons includes barcode asset tracking, and remote control capabilities for technicians to troubleshoot computers without leaving their desk. Numara prices start around 2,500 dollars for professional edition, and about 3,500 for the enterprise edition. the default package comes with 50 asset audit licenses, after that, you have to pay about 5 dollars for each license – if you have many devices on your network that can get quite expensive very rapidly. by default track it comes with 2 technician licenses, after that you have to pay about 350 dollars for each track it technician license you purchase, again if you have many technicians on your help desk department the numbers can grow very rapidly.

As you can see, the initial cost of the software is fairly cheap, but once you add all the licenses and premium add-ons you might want to add, it can get a little bit expensive.

Overall track it is a very good help desk system, that is very easy to setup and maintain, I personally have used track it up to version 7.0 and is very good, speedy, reliable, and easy to use. I have heard many of these things have changed in later versions, also the convenient web capabilities on version 6.5 and 7.0 have been removed on later versions –only the software client is available.




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    We have been using track-It for a long time and it works great. It integrates with Outlook, and its very easy to use

    I highly recommend it.

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