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Elastic is an open source ticket/issue tracker ( Released under the BSD License ) that can track anything – completely flexible fields, categories, status and status transitions!

  • Multiple clients and projects, and separate administrators and users for each one
  • Each project can customise
    • Fields for its tickets (compulsory or optional)
    • Categories for its tickets
    • Status workflows, using custom statuses and status transitions, then use a different workflow for each category
  • You can define which fields appear on a per-project per-category basis
    • When creating a ticket
    • When viewing a ticket
    • When changing status
  • View a history of changes for a ticket or a selection of tickets
  • Download data as CSV
  • Each user can customise their own dashboard
  • Has a module interface to make it easy to extend, already modules include:
    • Attach files to tickets
    • Receive email updates
    • Save searches
    • Collect PHP Errors from other applications and automatically turn them into tickets



A MySQL database and a webserver running PHP 5.2 or higher. (If the server runs Windows, you will need PHP 5.3 or higher to use some of the optional command line scripts.) It has been used both under Apache on Linux and IIS on Windows.


Elastic Dashboard

elastic 2

Elastic 3

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