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Help Desk Reloaded

Help Desk Reloaded software supports; trouble ticket prioritization, multiple customer support technicians, help desk search, and many other features.

from the developer:

We are confident you will enjoy our help desk support software. The help desk is cross platform compatible and can be used on almost any OS. We have tested the help desk software on Free BSD, Linux, Windows 2000 & 2003 and Apple OS X

Why should you use it ? :
  • Free Help Desk Software, No cost to you.
  • Easy to Install with the help desk installation wizard.
  • Based on PHP and using the free database software MySQL
  • No programming or database knowledge required. We have built in all the features you need in the help desk’s web based GUI.
  • Updated Frequently we normally release new version every other week.
  • We are interested in implementing your ideas. If you have a good idea for a feature on the help desk software, let us know. We listen.

Admin Panel:


look for a ticket:


Open Ticket:


this help desk software seems to be pretty cool. if you don’t have the budget for a commercial help desk software, you should look into this app.

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