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OSticket is an open source IT support ticket system. it centralize support calls from email, web form submission, and phone into an easy to use interface. some of OSticket features are:

  • Web form, email, and phone call submission – phone support calls need to be added manually from staff
  • auto response – as soon as users submit a request they will receive an auto response with a ticket tracking number and links to where check the status of the work order and to submit additional information
  • auto answer emails – answer frequently asked questions
  • Internal notes for easy communication between staff
  • Alert and notices – staff and users are kept up to date of all the changes by emailing updates
  • keep history of all the tickets submitted – go back and time and find tickets already closed


as you can see OSticket has a lot to offer, one of the things I noticed when I installed OSticket is that the code is very clean. is very easy to add new fields or remove things you don’t need.


submit new ticket:


Check status of a ticket – this is where customers enter their ticket number to check status


Ticket history:


Open ticket:


OSticket is a beautiful support script, very simple, but very well designed. if you have a small group of users to support, you should definitely look into OSticket.

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3 “OSTicket” reviews

  1. By Paul

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    OSticket is a very versatile little script. We set it up in our website to support our customers, and it works great. best of all is free, and does not need much resources to run. any website that supports PHP and MYSQL can run OSticket.

    highly recommended.

  2. By Radhika

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    I was tasked with the duty to setup a basic help desk system for our organization and OsTicket was great!

  3. By Raj

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    osTicket is a great open source helpdesk system. It can add great values to your customer support service, I have written how to setup it from start to finish check it out: https://howtohelpdesk.com/osticket-installation-on-ubuntu-16-04/

    Thank you to osTicket system team for creating a great support system.

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