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OTRS is an open source help desk support software with a lot of features to manage users support requests by phone or email. this software is distributed under the GNU licensed and has been tested on many operating system platforms including Windows and Linux.

OTRS has lot of features, some of the are:

  • Agent web interface for viewing and working on all customer requests
  • Customer web interface for viewing and sending infos to the agents
  • Multi language support (Brazilian Portuguese, Bulgarian, Czech, Chinese, Dutch, Danish, English, Estonian, Finnish, French, German, Greek, Hungarian, Italian, Norwegian, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Slovak, Spanish, Turkish and Vietnam)
  • customize the output templates (dtl) release independently
  • dispatching of incoming email via email addess or x-header
  • autoresponders for customers by incoming emails (per queue)
  • auto convert of incoming html only emails to text/plain (to get it easier searchable)
  • email-notification to the agent by new tickets, follow ups or lock timeouts
  • custom queue view and queue view of all requests
  • Ticket locking
  • Ticket replies (standard responses)
  • Ticket autoresponders per queue
  • Ticket history, evolution of ticket status and actions taken on ticket
  • abaility to add notes (with different note types) to a ticket
  • Ticket zoom feature
  • Tickets can be bounced or forwarded to other email addresses
  • Ticket can be moved to a different queue (this is helpful if emails are for a specific subject)
  • Ticket priority
  • Ticket time accounting
  • Ticket print view (PDF)
  • Ticket pending feature
  • Ticket responsible feature
  • Ticket bulk feature
  • Ticket hook divider
  • Ticket event module layer
  • Generic agent to do automatically actions on tickets (based on scheduled jobs)
  • content fulltext search
  • Ticket ACL support
  • Ticket workflow feature

to see all features visit the developer site at the end of the article

watch OTRS  new 2.4 features on the video below:


some screenshots:

compose a reply:


Ticket history:


Costumer login page:


Customer add a new ticket:


as you can see, this application is loaded with good features and many other things that make help desk life easier.

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